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What Does The Fox Say

Say It Loud

Say It Loud first charted in the HOT100CA with 'What Does The Fox Say' on Sunday 29th September 2013. The song debuted at No. 86 but climbed the chart and peaked at No. 60. In total, 'What Does The Fox Say' spent 3 days in the chart, it was last seen in the top 100 on Tuesday 1st October 2013.

Chart Stats For 'What Does The Fox Say'

Peak Position: No. 60
Current: N/A
Yesterday: N/A
Last Week: N/A
Days In Chart: 3
Weeks In Chart: 1
Release Date: Thursday 26th September 2013
Chart Debut: Sunday 29th September 2013
Last Seen: Tuesday 1st October 2013

'What Does The Fox Say' Chart Movement


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Available to download from: Thursday 26th September 2013
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